Memories for Our Future

Many West Australians have fond memories of warm days and cool magic evenings, crabbing on river foreshores or the Mandurah estuary. 

Crab Crib promotes a species-friendly design consideration for humane crabbing, for generations to come.

Flaws of the Traditional Nylon Rope Crab Pots

  • Startfish Rusting, tearing and ending up as ocean trash
  • Startfish Tangling species and ripping claws or female external egg pouches
  • Startfish Too easy for crabs to attach and not release
  • Startfish Damaging effects to other marine life

Crab Crib solves every one of these issues!  A species and environmentally friendly option.

Crab Facts

The WA Blue swimmer (or Blue Manna) crab is now restricted to the months of December through August for recreational crabbing by recent State legislation.

Bag and size limits also apply, so make sure you check the latest updates in your area before crabbing.

Download the Blue Swimmer Crab Fact Sheet