Crab Crib is a WA invention providing harm minimisation and a home for the future for the crab species.

Kate's Story

Having spent a lot of time with my family at my parents’ home on the canals in Mandurah, I’ve seen the first-hand damage and pollution created by the traditional crabbing nets that degrade and make their way to the ocean. I was inspired to create the Crab Crib to provide ease of catch and release for undersize or females with eggs, in the species.

Kate Goldie

Crab Crib Features

  • Startfish Wide strip plastic reducing grip ability for crab
  • Startfish Slippery surface also reducing grip ability for crab
  • Startfish Light Weight
  • Startfish Load Bearing
  • Startfish No tearing or rusting
  • Startfish Longevity so not lost in the ocean
  • Startfish Less tangles and movement equals less damage to species
  • Startfish Ability to include crab-attracting, scientifically proven neon colours